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Commercial Inspector for Sacramento & Northern CA

CapCity Building Inspection offers commercial inspection services for the greater Sacramento and northern California area. We specialize in ADA accessibility inspections as well as general inspections for various types of commercial buildings.

ADA Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation and all places open to the general public. Here are some important things to know about ADA compliance for your commercial building:

  1. For the most part, this act affects all non-residential and new multi-residential building complexes.
  2. The requirements of this act apply to all buildings of all ages with a few exceptions. Buildings, for the most part, are not “grandfathered in.”
  3. The act applies 100% to all parties involved: the architect, builder, city inspectors, owner and tenant. Pointing fingers won’t work.
  4. Noncompliance with the ADA act is a civil rights violation.
  5. Some of the requirements are very expensive upgrades depending on the building and surrounding site.

All these points and more make identifying ADA deficiencies one of the most important aspects of any commercial or public usage building.

CapCity Building Inspection includes in every commercial building inspection a 25-item accessibility check of what could be major costly upgrades. Every commercial building inspection should include this as a minimum.

Disclaimer: This is not a full ADA CASP Inspection. We are not State Certified CASP special inspectors, which are used for new construction projects, and are not representing as such. We are however very experienced coming from a commercial construction, inspection and architectural background. We are and have been involved as designers, contractors, project managers, construction estimators, construction superintendents and inspectors in the construction of many occupancy types for many years.

Cost Estimating

CapCity Building Inspection offers, for a prearranged reasonable added fee, cost budget estimating to correct problems found during the inspection.

We have held in good standing a California general contractors license since 1982. This cost budget estimating is not an offer to perform the work. We are professional commercial construction estimators and offer this a guide for purchase negotiations and for dealing with other general contractor proposals to perform the work. Also, it can save time and avoid having to get various subcontractor cost proposals during a short decide-to-purchase time period. Along with this, we will provide a list of local commercial general contractors and subcontractors who are active and competitive in the area.

CapCity Building Inspection complies with the California business and professional code section 7195-7199. If you have questions about commercial building inspections or ADA compliance or would like to schedule an inspection, let us know!

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